About Us

The Singletrack Factory is a small, locally owned shop with locations in Central Denver. Started in 1997, our goal is to provide the best service and the best selection in the region. It can be a stressful world, so our goal is to help you find the best toy you can.

The philosophy is simple. We don't want you to pay for any corporation's marketing budgets or bad business practices. That is why we carry the brands that we carry. All the brands we carry care about the product (how it rides, how it is built and how it works), and about service. We sell most of our bicycles through our store fronts in Denver, but we have many satisfied customers throughout the entire country, even in Europe, Australia and Canada. The Singletrack Factory was started from scratch by Brian in early 1997, with 4 bare walls and carpet. Brian desired a change from the corporate world, so he started The Singletrack Factory.

"Ride your bike, it’s company policy"

Brian Isakson, Founder The original idea was simple. Provide great service and have high quality products that help our customers have more fun. We only carry products from companies that care as much about customer service as we do. We have had numerous brands in the store over 18 years, and have filtered down to brands that have their priorities on quality of ride, and quality of service. Being able to handle a warranty or service issue for a customer in a timely fashion is very important to us. We want our customers riding and having fun! We are financially stable. This enables us to have new product in stock or available quickly. This enables us to take care of and keep long term qualified staff members who show up to work ready to help you. We own our own building in Denver, and have since 1999. Customers won’t have to worry about us moving or having dispute with landlords. We are now entering our 19th year of operation and have the best staff we have ever had. We carry a very strong lineup of products – from vendors that have same idea we do – keep the price reasonable, and have the best performing product.   Thank you to all of our customers for your business in the past, and we look forward to serving you in the future!!! Shop Culture It’s all about the ride. Whether it’s an all day road ride, a few hours on singletrack or a cruiser ride around the city, we live for the ride. We try to bring that mentality to work with us every day. You won’t find snotty attitudes behind the counter in our store. We realize that cycling is for everyone. From racers to commuters and everyone in between, we all have fun on a bike in our own way. At The Singletrack Factory we try to have a variety of good quality bikes to choose from. We can't help it, we are geeks, we love this stuff! If you have to work, you might as well work with the best products out there. We offer the best bikes we could find from $300 to $4500 and beyond. No matter what equipment we sell, our number one goal is to get you on equipment that is comfortable, sized correctly, performs well and most importantly, fits your individual needs. We want to take the equipment out of the equation, so that you can concentrate on having fun. We want you to get excited about the sport and keep participating in it! To bolster the community feeling that we strive for at STF we offer

  • Avenues and references for group rides.
  • Extensive trail knowledge. We are happy to recommend a ride for you based on your skill level. If you are new to the area or are just looking for some hidden gems, stop by and talk to any of our employees. We’ll be happy help you find a new place to ride!
  • Referral to a local skills coach for on trail training courses in riding skills. If you feel safe and in control on your bike, you are more likely to enjoy the experience and ride more! Which is always the goal!
  • Maintenance classes. Everything from basic flat repair to general tunes. We are happy to help arm you with the knowledge you need to keep your ride rolling. It’s very important to us for you to be out riding and not have your bike tied up in the service department!

For each employee of The Singletrack Factory, cycling has been a life long passion. We feel very fortunate to be able to work with the best vendors in the industry and have the best, most dedicated customers in town!