Ibis Mojo HD3

Ibis Mojo HD3


The Ibis Mojo HD3 was an instant classic when launched in November of 2014. It was our most popular bike in 2015.

As of March of 2016 the HD3 received major update.

The Mojo HD3 is now both Boost and Plus compatible.

Boost is a new standard for axles and drivetrains that allows Ibis to build a bike with a stiffer rear end and no weight penalty. It also allows an increase clearance so you can run larger rubber on the bike. The HD3 now accommodates the incredible new 2.8″ Plus tires from both Schwalbe and Maxxis. In the words of ‘The Angry Singlespeeder” on MTBR, these tires have “Traction for Days”. The level of grip with the new plus tires is just shy of Velcro.

The HD3 also features the latest and greatest refinement of the famed dw-link suspension. Geometry is fully modern: longer, lower and slacker, with 6” of plush rear wheel travel. It’s got built in versatile internal routing and updated the carbon fiber frame design, allowing for a water bottle on top of the downtube. Ibis  also achieved a drop in weight and pedaling performance on par with the Ripley, so the bike is very fast going up, and scary fast going down.


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