Apparel Technical riding apparel has come a long way over the last few years. As bikes have evolved, so have our needs as riders. Comfortable, functional riding gear is a must have. All of our vendors have paid great attention to the details that make a piece of clothing work well for riding. Tailored cuts keep unwanted snags from occurring, lightweight fabrics that are breathable and durable are an absolute must have, and everyone wants to look good while they are out riding with their friends. For 2015 we will have both summer and winter gear in stock.We’ve also expanded our inventory to cover riders looking for bibs and lycra jerseys and an overall lighter, cooler riding kit. We will continue to carry casual clothing to support your cycling lifestyle. Show your favorite brand some love by sporting a shirt, hoodie or ball cap. Pre- or post-ride, style counts!
Protective Gear No one ever wants to crash, but it happens. When it does, it’s important to have to best gear out there to protect yourself. Every year, it seems mountain bike terrain is becoming more demanding. Bikes are more capable than they have ever been and riders are taking bigger chances and more aggressive lines. We carry pads that are light and comfortable enough to pedal up in and offer enough protection to keep you out of trouble on the descent.